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Welcome to the student activities page.  Here you will find what is happening at PVHS.

Important Link Crew Dates

Training:  Monday, August 4th
9:00am – 12:00pm @PVHS GYM

Training:  Tuesday, August 5th
9:00am – 12:00pm @PVHS GYM
Orientation:  Wednesday, August 13th

7:30am – 1:00pm @PVHS GYM


School Events
Posted by: Julie Brusa
Published: 11/6/14

Clubs and Sports
Posted by: Julie Brusa
Published: 6/16/14

Grizzly Class Points

Event: Seniors: Juniors: Sophomores: Freshman:

Votting for Class Officers

117 50 36


Homecoming Nominations 117 115 78


Cancer Awareness Week 265 298 283 267
Homecoming Week 100 75 25 50
Winter Spirit Week 230 215 150 113
Spring Spirit Week 125 105 97 105
Summer Spirit Week 203 197 198 113
Total: 1157 1055 867 732

Congratulations class of 2014 for being the class of year!!!!!

Follow us on Twitter and Instagram @PajaroValleyASB

Follow us on Twitter and Instagram @PajaroValleyASB

Grizzly Pride

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